Is Janome A Good Quilting Machine

The Janome sewing machine brand started in 1921 as the Pine Sewing machine factory, and later it became the Janome Sewing Machine organization in 1954. Janome was the first organization to provide computerized and professional-style sewing machines for your home, and the group manufactures basic treadle-powered sewing machines, computerized embroidery, and more. Janome has led the way with innovation in sewing machines and now is producing the best.

The question of whether the Janome sewing machines are good or worth your money is popular. In this article, let’s look at what makes Janome a good quilting machine and the best of Janome machines.

Is Janome A Good Quilting Machine?

Creating quilts or quilted fabrics is one of the various special processes in sewing. It involves working with multiple layers of a large volume of fabric. Unfortunately, not every sewing machine is built to enable you to make quilts, and Janome is the one you can rely on. Yes! Janome quilting machines are worth your money, and there are various reasons for this. Here is why you can rely on Janome quilting machines.


Among various reasons, Quality is the biggest factor that makes Janome quilting machines stand out in the market. Their sewing or quilting machines might vary, but all of them provide consistent performance to your project. 


Another great reason is its models. All the models of Janome quilting machines are of the elite class and provide high-quality work. The professional finish it intends to give is incredible, and if you are a beginner, then there is no other brand you should go for than Janome.

Janome aims to append all the features and functions required for a quilter in all its models, from beginner to advanced level. If you’re an intermediate-level quilter and desire to move beyond the basics, then Janome is for you.

Besides serving the features and functionalities, Janome also produces computerized quilting machines. Yes! These machines allow the quilters to insert their design into the machine, and then they can print it over the fabric.


And there we have stitches produced by Janome quilting machines. Quilting involves a lot more versatility and creativity. In comparison to other brands of quilting machines, Janome is one of them that produces high-quality stitches to whatever fabric you are using for your quilting project. The stitching quality is consistent throughout your projects, and it offers various types of stitches for your quilting. It includes the decorative stitch, zig-zag stitch, cross-over stitch, and many more to help you attain professional and high-quality quilted work.

Ease of use

The Janome quilting machines offer easy-to-use functions in their machines. Quilting is a demanding project, and the easier the machine is, the better the work is done. The functions it provides are easy to learn, and beginners can operate even the advanced ones easily. To make it easier, it produces automatic thread and needle cutting features and more functionalities.


The speed of Janome sewing machines is so good. You can adjust the speed as per your requirements of time and project deadline. It adjusts automatically, and its motor helps you complete your work faster with a smoother finish.


The Janome quilting machines offer the proper workspace with their models for the quilters to work conveniently and comfortably.


This is the factor that distinguishes each brand from the other. Janome quilting machines are affordable but not cheaper. However, they are worth your money as they provide immense functions and features.


With all these, we can conclude that Janome is a good quilting machine brand. Its features, functions, and accessibility distinguish it from other brands. They think of their customers before designing any new model, and whatever they design, it comes out to be the best. Its quality, affordability, durability, and more make it the ideal brand to consider for your quilting machines.

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